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One of the very best ways to get to know us better and to explore our business building approach is to read one of our books, attend one of our webinars or pop along to one of our seminars (or all three!).

You can find out more about each of these below.

Business DNA Book

By way of introduction for new clients, two of our directors Clare Thompson and Damon Millar are offering 10,000 entirely free copies* of the book to local business owners.

So apply* for your free copy of our latest business growth book – and discover 12 powerful and until now ‘top secret’ strategies for winning dramatically more sales, radically improving your cash flow and exploding your profits!

The recently published book, entitled How Business DNA: Unlocking The Hidden Potential In Your Business, is a must-read for all ambitious business owners.

In the book, the authors present a 12-step system for business transformation, giving you a blueprint for generating significantly bigger profits and dramatically improving your cash flow. Not only this, but you will also discover how to create a robust business that’s more enjoyable and less stressful to run.

The blueprint you will discover is called Business DNA SystemTM – a blueprint that the authors have perfected, in various guises, over the past decade. Until now and the publication of the book, this blueprint has remained ‘top secret’ and only shared with private clients all paying several thousand pounds in fees.

Remember we can only give away 10,000 free copies of their book to local business owners. In the book, you will discover:

  • Our Unique Penny In The Pound Formula – How to potentially double your profits without spending any more money
  • A system for beating your competition without a huge marketing budget plus 27 strategies for attracting more enquires and sales – both online and offline
  • A blueprint for building business systems that remove all of the stress, hassle and worry out of running your business
  • How to manage your staff in a radically different way – freeing you up, meaning that your business will no longer be so dependent on you and your time

The book is specifically written for the business owner who wants to build a bigger, better and more enjoyable business – and is prepared to do something about it! A business owner who knows that their business has untapped potential to further grow and prosper – they just need a little help getting there.This book is ‘the help getting there’ you’ve been looking for!

Claim Your Copy

To claim your free copy, you can do this by completing the form below (scroll down to the end of the page or visit the contact us page), calling us during office hours on 0191 378 0308 or sending an e-mail to We will then confirm your details and send out the book.

Do it now, before the free copies are all given away!

* Please note that once the 10,000 free copies are gone, we will not be able to provide any more.  These will be given on a strictly first-come-first-served basis. Once they are gone they are gone.

Wednesday Webinars

If you like the sound of our approach to business, but want to find out more about this and how it can help your business, then you must join us for one of our live webinars!

We host our webinars every second Wednesday (save for holidays) and while numbers are limited and allocated on a first-come-first-served basis, any business owner is welcome to join us.

It’s perfect for people who agree with the following statements…

  • I want to take my business to the next level (I’m hoping you can inspire me…)
  • I know it’s possible, even if I don’t know ‘how’ it’s possible just yet (I’m hoping you can help me…)
  • I am positive about it – and committed to it! (So you know I’ll act on your advice…)

We select new topics every Wednesday and there is usually time for you to ask questions at the end.  Here are some popular topics from recent webinars:

  • How to realistically grow your business by 50% to 150% by doing stuff that actually works (my favourite webinar!)
  • How to get more enquiries and make more sales (these are so easy to apply, it’s such a good webinar to present!)
  • How to make more money from your existing customers
  • How to make your staff and business more efficient (which means you doing less, not more, work!)
  • How to get paid faster – without going to court
  • How to banish your cash flow nightmares forever (it’s easier than you think, when you know how)
  • How to take home a bigger personal income
  • How to cut costs without cutting quality or service (tricky one this, so listen carefully, it may surprise you)
  • How to increase prices without losing customers or profits
Apply For Your Place Now

We hold Webinars every second Wednesday at 7pm (save for holidays). To register for the next Webinar, you can complete the form below (scroll down to the end of the page or visit the contact us page), call us during office hours on 0191 378 0308 or send us an e-mail to

Remember that places are limited and we can only allocate places on a first-come-first-served basis, so be quick to book your place.

DNA Seminars

On this website, we have discussed many ways in which we help businesses to improve, grow and develop their business. However, you don’t have to take our word for it when we say how effective our strategies are.

Because we invite you to discover our business development process at one of our live seminars, to determine how our systems can apply and benefit your business.

At the seminar, we introduce the Business DNA methodology and give you 12 ‘quick win’ strategies for success, helping you to start on the journey to unlocking the hidden potential in your business.

These are seminars strictly for business people who seriously and genuinely want to take their business to the next level, but don’t know how to get there.

It is not designed to give a few bright ideas or to save a failing business. It’s for businesses that are doing OK but you know that it can do so much better – you just want a little help, advice or assistance in getting there.

You know it’s possible – even if you don’t know ‘how’ it will be done – and you’re determined to succeed. If you have this positive mindset, you are exactly the sort of business person we can help.

Because if you want to take your business to the next level and have a positive mindset to do so, that’s all we need to make this happen. However, without it, this can’t happen; you have to be serious and dedicated, and you have to believe that it can happen.

So in summary, this seminar is designed to three things:

  •  Introduce you to the Business DNA methodology
  • Show you how this system applies to your business
  • Give you 12 tailored ‘quick win’ strategies for success to start you on the journey

A full seminar agenda is presented below:

  • Strategy 1: What Type Of Entrepreneur Are You? And How To Use Your Type To Your Advantage
  • Strategy 2: How To Use All 5 Profit Drivers In Your Business To Maximise Profits
  • Strategy 3: How And Why Become An Expert In Your Chosen Field
  • Strategy 4: Examples Of Special Offers That Make Customers Knock Down Your Door
  • Strategy 5: Using Social Proof & Guarantees To Convert New Customers
  • Strategy 6: The Unique Penny In The Pound Formula – described by our clients as “a totally new way of looking at your business, it’s truly eye-opening” – what Can It Do For Your Business?
  • Strategy 7: Example Client Attraction Campaigns That Will Blow Your Socks Off
  • Strategy 8: How To Master Time Management & Regain Control Of Your Day
  • Strategy 9: Building Systems To Replace Your & Planning Your Exit
  • Strategy 10: Synergy – How To Bring It All Together & What Its Worth In Extra Profits
Book Your Place Today
The fee for the seminar, including lunch and refreshments, is just £197 plus VAT per place.  We hold our Seminars on the final Thursday of each calendar month (save for December) between 9.30am and 4.30pm, usually in our Durham office. 

To apply for a place at our next seminar, you can complete the form below (scroll down to the end of the page or visit the contact us page), call us during office hours on 0191 378 0308 or send us an e-mail to and one of our team will be in touch very soon. 

Please note that due to the popularity of these events, the seminars book up very quickly and therefore unfortunately we can’t offer everybody who applies a place. So action quickly!

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